PESHTO Brand was created to introduce Organic Turkish Cotton Peshtemal Towels worldwide. The brand operates under BARS Company and exports its towels to seven continents of the world since 2010. Our customer portfolio includes small shops, retail stores, hotels, spas, country clubs, golf clubs, and yacht clubs. If you want to experience the luxurious softness of organic Turkish cotton peshtemal towels and elevate your bathing and lounging rituals to a whole new level, then PESHTO Towels are for you.



The main features of Peshtamal Towels are; super absorbent with fast drying, takes up less space and easy to carry. Peshtemal Towels are machine washable and get softer after the first wash and get softer each time you wash it. These features make Peshtemal towels “the most” wanted towels for bathrooms, pools, spas, beaches, fitness saloons, and baby care.



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